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Last week, our beloved Calvin was murdered. The police are currently investigating the homicide and have a few leads.

We're all devastated right now. I just wanted you, his friends, to know.

- Calvin's Mother

P.S.: I've never understood all of Cal's puzzles. If you figure out how to view his private entries, please e-mail me how (rp2006 AT the puzzle domain he used to run).
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As many of you know, I'm fond of my privacy. Unfortunately, this creates hassles: I don't want just anyone reading my private thoughts. At the same time, I don't want to have to tell everybody my password.

From now on, all of my entries will be set to friends-only. If you want to read these entries, you'll need to be my friend. To be my friend, you'll need to crack my code. Good luck. :)

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I'm excited to try this whole blogging thing. Even though I teach a course on how to be 1337, I'm usually slow to jump onto these bandwagons.

Hi Mom!
Hi Sis!
Hi Boris! ;-)
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